Our Story

How Did We Get Here?

Danalix is the result of a successful journey that began with a quest by our founder, Kingsley Jesuorobo, to create an affordable, compliance-oriented, user-friendly and accessible, all-in-one application that caters to the needs of solo to large-sized firms in the legal sector.

Our founder is a lawyer by profession who has been in active law practice for over 30 years. Our founder has also held management positions in several association of lawyers.

In the course of these endeavours, our founder learned about the many tumultuous challenges encountered by lawyers with respect to legal business administrative processes, documentations, and the routine tasks of their law practices. Some of the challenges include, but are not limited to, tasks relating to the tracking of billable hours and rendering of accounts; client onboarding in line with regulatory requirements: client identification & verification, conflict of interest checks; case file access and management; solicitor-client communication and relationship management; trust and general accounts management; and easy access to up-to-date legal knowledge repository. According to our founder, many lawyers are left with limited options as they often try to tackle these tasks in ways that are manual, time consuming, tedious and error prone. Meanwhile, the slightest negligence in executing these tasks can put a lawyer’s practice at risk.

Our founder has unfortunately witnessed legal practitioners lose their licenses due to malpractice claims based on avoidable mistakes.

Disturbed by the fact that currently existing legal practice management legal software did not adequately address most of the challenges and frustrating experiences he and his colleagues encountered and/or the various, diversified needs of the legal practices in general, our founder set out to find a solution.

Our founder wanted an affordable cloud-based technology solution that has a comprehensive list of features: a one-stop legal and business management software solution that simplifies service delivery and fulfils regulatory compliance needs of professionals in the legal sector.

Supported by the expertise and guidance of our technological team led by our CTO, Olumuyiwa Olorunfemi, and other industry experts, the capabilities and feasibility of a cloud-based legal software to support our founder's ideas were explored and deployed to realize the Danalix dream.

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