Regulatory Compliance-Oriented Client Onboarding: Easily & Efficiently Create Rule-Compliant Profiles for Clients & Matters
  • Create Rule-Compliant Profiles for Clients and Matters.
  • Conduct Client Identification and Verification easily and efficiently.
  • Conduct Rule-Compliant Source of Funds & Red Flags Assessments easily and efficiently.
  • Create Monitoring Record easily and efficiently.
Automated & Customized Conflict
Check & Client
-Admission Vetting

Easily perform Conflict of Interest Checks and vet potential, present and past clients; and maintain permanent records of the exercises.

Automated Retainer
Agreement Creation
Process with Built-in
Terms & Conditions
  • Use our innovative and automated Retainer Agreement to save time.
  • Use our Template Creation feature to impute additional terms, or amend the terms of the sample agreement.
Comprehensive & Convenient File-Referencing and Matter Management Processes
  • Use our comprehensive File Referencing & Matter Management features to ascribe multiple file numbers assigned by courts, tribunal, and other institutions to the same matter, to achieve exhaustive referencing.
  • Conduct convenient, quick, and easy Searches for Clients and Matters with automated and/or customized reference numbers.
Calendaring, Today’s
Agenda & Specific-
Time and Activities
Scheduling Processes
  • Create Tentative and Permanent Time Activities with our simplified Calendaring and Specific-Time Activity creation feature and avoid costly calendar and billing conflicts.
  • Experience the innovative fixed and dynamic time-zone management functionalities embedded in Danalix.
  • Enjoy the convenience of the dual-level display of local and fixed time zones on the “Today’s Agenda” when outside your fixed time zone.
  • Our sophisticated calendaring, scheduling, and record-keeping systems help you easily schedule or assign tasks or activities in order to efficiently manage tomorrow.
  • Upon completion of specific tasks, you’re prompted to easily log and record activities and services instantly for billing in order to avoid income losses or embarrassing conflicts in the future.
  • Prevent Calendar Conflicts in billing with our rigid anti-conflict monitoring systems.
Time Tracker:
Tracking of Activities

The “Time Tracker” feature allows for easy tracking of meetings and other practice-related activities on the go.

Easily Track &
Efficiently Record
Business Expenses;
Conveniently Upload
Receipts & Invoices
  • Utilize our comprehensive expense recording feature to record, calculate, and produce details of Client-specific Disbursements or General Business Expenses.
  • Impute vendors’ goods and service tax details.
  • Easily, efficiently, and instantly upload and retrieve receipts and invoices on your desktop or conveniently on-the-go with mobile devices.
Innovative, Simplified,
Real-Time Invoicing &
Billing Processes
  • Instantly generate and dispatch detailed invoices that reflect specific time and service details.
  • Easily record and produce details of specific or general disbursements and expenses.
  • Easily impute and produce details of phone, fax, and text message transactions, etc., for billing and invoicing.
  • Danalix is integrated with industry leading VOIP systems that enable these features.
  • With our Invoicing and Billing features, use our built-in activity validation and invoice approval processes to create and send detailed, customized invoices to clients.
  • Enjoy the flexibility to choose the rate, date, and item to bill (isolated billing) linked to our reminder system that provides regular alerts for the yet-to-be-billed items.
Secure Online
Payment Gateway
  • Receive online payment for services through Danalix either on the desktop or on-the-go with mobile devices with compliance-oriented tools, including the Danalix Merchant Fees Reimbursement Tool.
  • Danalix is integrated with industry-leading payment systems.
Sophisticated &
Simplified Trust & General Bank
Accounts Management Processes
  • Impute and produce Trust and General Account-related Transactions & Reports for all and/or specific matters easily and conveniently.
  • Our Trust Account & General Account Management Systems have a unique set of innovative, simplified, and compliance-oriented tools for tackling professional responsibility-related tasks.
  • Enjoy the efficient, automated processes for generating Trust & General Account Journals, Ledgers Reports; completing and signing Electronic Funds Transfer Forms; processing Trust Account-related Credit Card Payments; and more.
Automated Bank
Transactions Confirmation & Bank Account Reconciliation Processes

Record, track, and confirm Bank Transactions related to all Revenues and Expenses across the board and easily undertake Bank Account Reconciliations.

Business Health
-Check Dashboard

Utilize the Danalix dashboard to check the overall revenue and expense trajectories of your firms having regards to the total billed hours, expenses and more over any specified period of time.

& Sharing Processes
  • Create notes quickly and efficiently for clients, matters and activities.
  • Enjoy the option to share, in real-time and on-the-go information with clients or other members of your organization.
Instant, Convenient
& Comprehensive
Language Translation

Utilize the built-in language translation feature to facilitate communication with clients and other parties in multiple languages on mobile devices.

Smart Client Email
Customization &
Personalization: Convenient
Email Integration & Smart Email Management Processes
  • Integrate, access, and operate your email accounts within Danalix easily.
  • Receive email-related notifications via Danalix Notification Centre and bubble icons that give Alerts regarding new client-specific email messages.
  • Utilize the Danalix smart, AI-driven Email Management feature to automatically match emails with clients.
Convenient and Secure
Digital eSignature

Easily sign important documents or obtain signatures from clients for documents with the virtual and digital e-Signature feature of Danalix on-the-go.

Create Payroll and
Tax-Related Reports

With Danalix, you can easily determine Payroll Deductions and generate Tax-related Reports (payroll and pay stubs) for employees with the automated Tax-Calculator feature. This feature allows for easy generation of reports for Tax Receipts or Remittances.

A Compliance-Oriented
System Designed by
Lawyers for Lawyers
and Other Professionals
in the Legal Sector

We offer resource-rich, legal practice and business management functionalities specially designed by lawyers for lawyers and other professionals in the legal sector.

Create Payroll and
Tax-Related Reports

With Danalix, you can easily determine Payroll Deductions and generate Tax-related Reports (payroll and pay stubs) for employees with the automated Tax-Calculator feature. This feature allows for easy generation of reports for Tax Receipts or Remittances.

Free On-the-Go
Mobile Accessibility

Enjoy essential features on-the-go as the Danalix App is available on iOS and Android-powered mobile devices at no extra cost.

Affordable &
Easy to Set Up

DanalixTM is a competitively affordable, extremely easy to set up, remarkably user-friendly, and awesomely convenient application.

Choose the pricing plan that suits your needs.

24/7 Support System

DanalixTM comes equipped with 24/7support infrastructure, including migration assistance.

Easy & Secure File
Upload, Cloud Storage
& Sharing with Unlimited Access

Utilize the web and mobile-friendly file-upload and cloud-based file storage systems of Danalix to efficiently manage your files. Quickly access your stored files by using the highly efficient search engines and well-organized storage system of Danalix.

Client Portal that
Makes Solicitor
-Client Interaction
Secure, Efficient & Convenient
  • Enable the Client Module to securely manage solicitor-client exchanges.
  • Send and receive Client-specific or Matter-specific Notifications.
  • Exchange Two-way Messages.
  • Upload and share documents.
  • Complete and sign documents.
  • Manage calendar schedules and more.
Gain Foresight &
Insight from “Insights”, featuring “Lex LinesTM”, a Legal Publication
powered by Danalix
  • Gain foresight and insight to broaden your legal worldview and gain a competitive edge from the Danalix ecosystem of specialized knowledge comprising of curated opinions of legal practitioners, policy makers, regulators, academics and user-contributors in Lex LinesTM, a legal publication powered by Danalix.
  • The user-participation nature of this feature is anchored on our founder’s philosophical belief that “views are only as wide as the space allowed by the angle from which they are taken”.
A Wide Variety of
Precedents &
Templates and an Easy-to-Use Templates Creator
  • Utilize our rich repository of precedents and templates to enrich your knowledge and tailor your takes on legal issues and/or skillfully thread the treacherous terrain of legal technicality.
  • Upload your own Supplementary Precedents and/or create new or edit existing templates to suit your situation with efficient ease.
Facilitate Real-Time
Reconciliation with
Linked Bank Accounts

Easily link your bank accounts to DanalixTM with our smart and AI-powered Linked Bank Accounts feature and experience efficient, real-time reconciliation of your books with your bank statements.

Easy Data Migration
& Integration

DanalixTM is configured to easily integrate and assimilate data from other applications including, but not limited to the following:

  • Clio, Amicus Attorney, Abacus-Next, PC Law.

Contact our help desk at support@danalix.com to ask how we can assist you.

Our Features That Are Coming Soon
Audio & Video

Securely conduct virtual (audio and video) meetings with clients, colleagues and others through Danalix integration with industry-leading systems easily, securely and efficiently and instantly allocate the Time and expense to a general or specific file for invoicing and billing.

Robust Analytics

Use our robust Analytics System to access and assess data on client profiles, case statuses and outcomes, decision makers’ dispositions, staff, and overall business performances and more.

Danalix Law Reports
  • Danalix is the digital home of incisive law reports.

Visit the Danalix Law Reports page to purchase and download digital copies of law reports publication by Danalix or our affiliates.

LawPay Integration

DanalixTM uses its LawPay integration to broaden online payment management options for lawyers. LawPay’s specialized payment processes are compliance oriented.

Virtual Identity

Danalix provides clients with tools to conduct virtual validation of clients’ identification documents.

Law Reports of Courts
of Nigeria (LRCN)

Danalix is the digital home of Law Reports of Courts of Nigeria (LRCN). LRCN’s publications are purchasable through the Danalix Law Reports Marketplace.